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Welcome to our clinic! I am Dr. Ryan Shumon Rahman. I am personally honored to be considered, by you, as a prospective patient. My intention with this post is to give the community a brief introduction, explain our general philosophy and mission and discuss some rules of engagement.

My overall career path as a physician started at Tulane School of Medicine, where I graduated with an M.D. in May 2012. After this time I served as an active duty US Air Force physician from July 2012 - April 2016. I did not complete residency while in the US Air Force, so upon discharge I entered a residency in Family Medicine at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN. I successfully graduated from this program and stayed on as teaching faculty from 2018 - 2021. We moved to Canon City, CO in October 2021 with the intention of starting this private practice.

Personally, I am married to Anna Chollet, MD who is a Family Medicine w/OB physician at Centura/St. Thomas More. We have two young children, Sarabi and Hakeem. We also have a big, playful dog, Dozer as well as 2 cats, Calliope and Charlotte. I grew up in Houston, TX and I have lived in: New Orleans, LA; Sonoma, CA; Memphis, TN and now here!

My transition to Colorado was made largely due to wanting to live in this region. I have a love for the mountains, outdoor adventures, and open spaces. In our job searching I found a post from Dr. Michael Banker and started a conversation with him about potentially making Canon City our home. Canon City was unknown to me prior to finding this job listing, but after our first visit we were in love! Dr. Banker also deserves much of the credit for our recruitment as he has generously gifted much of his prior clinic's resources to me in order to ease the transition of starting a private practice in a new place.

My vision for Desert River Family Medicine is that we provide a wide array of healthcare services while actively being a part of the fabric of this community. We hope to hold community events that encourage curiosity and engagement with healthy practices. Our services, procedures, and my areas of expertise will be added to our website over the coming weeks. I see all ages and stages. I have experience with hospital medicine and I used to deliver babies until February of 2021. I stopped only due to the time demands of offering this service. I also have plans to use this blog as well as create a podcast. If you check back over the coming weeks and months, I hope to also link my viewers with interesting articles, books, music, art and other things that I believe can be useful in one's journey towards better health.

As you can tell, we dream BIG here at Desert River Family Medicine. That brings us to the most important piece of this puzzle, the patient. Each one of you brings a unique set of life experiences and knowledge. This is what keeps my job fun. What we expect from our patients is mutual respect. We realize that often coming to the doctor is stressful for a variety of reasons. It is our job to listen and do our best to understand one's particular situation. To do this I believe the basis of a patient-physician is one of mutual respect, honesty, compassion, and understanding. My staff makes it possible for me to do my job effectively and they too deserve this same respect and will be expected to return the same. We encourage asking questions and want you to be engaged with your health. I see my role as your partner/coach/guide to better health, not as an authority demanding things of others. We hope that over time, we will build partnerships throughout the community to promote enriching activities such as: gardening, exercise (moving the body in any form), music, art, literature, play, meditation, connection to nature and so much more.

If you feel this is the model of primary care you are looking for, please give us a call! We are accepting new patients as of April 11th, 2022. I am excited to become a bigger part of this community and believe that together we can establish something truly special.

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