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Full-Spectrum Primary Care + More!

Wellness & Preventive Exams

A guided "check-in" on your current state of health intended to discuss a plan of care to ensure future health and wellness. Dr. Rahman sees all ages and enjoys seeing the whole family! 

Problem Focused

Each medical problem often involves a multitude of brain and body systems. We believe in a deep dive of each issue with education and discussion of what it is and how to fix it. Multiple problems may require more than one appointment depending on the specific issues. 

Women's Health

We offer and number of primary care women's health needs such as: family planning. IUD and Nexplanon management, annual exams as well as gynecological exams for cervical cancer screening or other acute issues. Dr. Rahman has provided OB care for 9 years, and will continue to see pregnant patients, but he no longer delivers babies. 


We offer a variety of procedures for: muscular pain, women's health, skin, minor injury, casting & splinting, colonoscopy, vasectomy and more! Call for more information.

Acute Care

We offer same day or next day appointments for urgent issues.

Sports Medicine

With a background in the US Air Force and strong personal interest in a variety of recreational activities, Dr. Rahman can deal with common problems such as arthritis or an injury. He can also tailor a personalized plan for peak performance in your activity of choice. 

Longevity/Increasing Healthspan

Dr. Rahman has an expertise on the latest research around "aging" as a disease and what interventions we can take to counteract, slow and even reverse some of these effects. Many of these interventions are simple lifestyle changes, but as Dr. Rahman likes to say, "simple does not mean easy!" 

Integrative Medicine

We are open to a variety of treatment options, not just traditional "western medicine". We are happy to discuss interventions including but not limited to: yoga, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition/food, mindsets, exercise, herbs/supplements, etc as part of your treatment plan. While Dr. Rahman does still practice traditional medicine, he can act as a guide or a bridge between reconciling some conflicting ideas when these two mindsets meet. 

Mental Health

The mind and body are intimately connected. We can explore both the physical and mental elements of mental health and discuss a mutli-faceted approach to improving your mental well-being. While Dr. Rahman does not perform counseling or therapy sessions, he does medication and lifestyle management of depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma and more. 

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