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The Complex Costs of Medicine

Our goal here at Desert River Family Medicine is to be as transparent as possible about the costs of your medical care. We do not accept insurance payments, as we do not believe insurance to provide the type of preventive care we emphasize at Desert River. We encourage all advocates for change to our current medical reimbursement system to reach out to your state and federal representatives.

Insurances are no longer accepted

Current Medicaid patients will be able to use their Medicaid. This is only if Medicaid is your only insurance! 

Future Plans

Dr. Rahman is planning to convert to a comprehensive health, wellness & longevity clinic that will be based on a Direct Primary Care model. This model sheds the red tape of insurance and allows patients better access, more time with their doctor and a much more personalized approach that is free of insurance authorizations. 

We are working to maintain insurance based billing through an extender model if patient's wish to maintain our clinic as their PCP. Please see the handout for more information. 

Payments Accepted

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit Cards as well as ACH

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