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What is Direct Primary Care?

It is a model of health care, where a primary care physician charges a monthly fee for and array of services both in office and remotely via text/email/video/phone. Anyone is welcome to sign up for this program regardless of other medical insurance coverage, other than Colorado Medicaid members. We provide 90% or more of common health needs such as: preventive visits with extensive lab panels, sick care for most common ailments physical and mental, cancer screening, pediatric to geriatric care, and most importantly, personalized continuity of care. Members pay monthly fees ranging from $70-90 per month with discounts for children, spouses and families. We also provide access to medications, labs and imaging studies to members at rates often lower than through insurance policies, all without the hassle of a middle man. Come find out what primary care without the red tape can do for you!

Insurances are no longer accepted

Current Medicaid patients will be able to use their Medicaid. This is only if Medicaid is your only insurance and does not apply to dual policies! 

Future Plans

We always aim to expand our list of services. Coming soon will be in-person and online talks that cover high yield health topics. Our goal is to empower each member with the tools to improve their health no matter where they are starting from. We also plan to partner with members of the local community to provide their experience and knowledge as well. Stay tuned!

Payments Accepted

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit Cards as well as ACH

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