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Reflections from my first 60 days

Cañon City, thank you so much for your gracious acceptance of me, and my entire family into this wonderful community! I believe being able to share vulnerable moments with another human being is a privilege, and in that regard - thank you to my patients specifically for trusting me with your care. I have now officially been open for more than 60 days. It has been

The following is a rather random list of things I found maybe we all have access to that can be "medicines" for a wide variety of what ails us all in the human experience:

Music - This can be very therapeutic. Dance. Glee. Sadness. Darkness. Anger. Frustration. Sometimes a song may take us to all of these places. Memory and song/music seem to be tied in our brains. Whales sing, birds sing, crickets sing. Is is so hard to believe that music can be medicine? It seems to me that maybe its primal, essential, an auditory vitamin to stimulate your brain. Music can help you to connect with some of your deepest emotions. Some of these are beautiful, some dark. Explore them all with the knowledge that they will pass as the song ends.

Food - Try something new. Try something colorful. Don't like 'veggies'? Would you like to be controlled by an unknown external force? That is what some of our typical "American diet" foods can do to us. Sugars/simple carbohydrates to the highest degree will signal a very reinforcing signal to pursue more of that item - independent of taste. It is SO hard to fight 500+ million years of evolution - but i believe that part of the human gift is that we are actually able to do that. Don't let your food control you. You may discover that 'healthy' foods also taste good. Don't know how to cook? It's easy! See my resources like 4-hour Chef, youtube, TV, etc. It really requires first and foremost that you be inquisitive. In the near future - I would be happy to teach a cooking class with healthy veggies that taste good! Please let me know if there is interest.

Exercise - No way around how good this is. It is the pinnacle of a physical and mental integration. "Working hard" even when this is demanding physical labor- this is NOT exercise. Exercise is play, focus, adversity, ease, failure, success, anxiety, release. Contrasts stacked in succession. Somehow this repetitive behavior/pattern especially in form of meaningful, purposeful physical action intended for our wellbeing is the most potent medicine known to humankind. I do not believe any one form is somehow superior as long as certain more vague parameters are met- mindset, level of exertion, frequency, timing of day, etc. Some people truly cannot move in any way due to their physical condition, for this there are still mental exercises, breathing exercises, music (as above), and even things like sauna and cold exposure are being explored to have similar effects. Stay curious about the abilities of your physical body.

Humility - None of us know what we are doing here really. We understand so much and what humans have accomplished in the timeframe that we have done is quite amazing. Some of the most basic functions of how the physical world works are still a complete mystery. Still, we are extremely powerful, conscious, adaptive, miraculous beings that are experiencing a collective reality. Lets treat that power with some humility. Everything we even collectively know as a planet doesn't begin to answer some of the mysteries of the universe. To think that any one of us can really know the ultimate truth seems silly, but we all are trying our best - so lets treat each other with that respect, including and especially ourselves.

Remain curious, humble and kind. First, about yourself both in the mental and physical scapes, then about others. This is advice i would give myself and my children.Simple, but not easy. Always a practice. Failure only shows potential for growth. Living this way, I believe plants that seed in others and we all continue to grow.

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